With a Masters in Clinical Depth Psychology, and an expertise in Mental Health, Human Behavior & Personal Development, Joanna has been working with Art and Educationand Human Development as a Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach; through schools and institutions for almost 30 years !

Specializing in Jungian-based Introspective and Experiential Process work, she focuses on creating Wholeness and Balance through Mind/Body connections and use of Expressive & Healing Arts.

Being Childhood Cancer Survivor has been a major life influence, motivating her both personally and professionally. Coming from an Education and Counseling background and working as a Behavioral Therapist and MFT; she has had the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages and developmental abilities/disabilities.

An innovator in her time, operating without a net per say, before fields such as Art therapy existed and theories of Mindfulness or Expressive Arts were considerable options in the Self-Help Industry. It was through her Master’s research that she found the key to unlocking the mystery she set out to solve and has created her own methodology and programs in order to share her experience and help others… proving that by engaging the Imagination; even a seemingly simple experience can create lifelong experience and results.

Joanna has been an artist her whole life, enjoying the element of Expressive Arts through different mediums that speak to her in through the process of creation…. She is energetic, creative, and encourages the use of Introspection and Self-expression. She engages with individuals and provides constructive support, opportunities and challenges, to benefit their process experience and growth in an open and supportive environment.

She is patient, understanding, and is able to assess & adapt her skills to meet the needs of all individuals. From years of working as a teacher and therapist; her coaching, classes/workshops are constructive, with an element of exploration and discovery, while providing a valuable learning experience. 

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As an  Advocate and Activist for Arts and Education, working on her campaign “Imagin-Action” , she is working toward creating a Non-Profit Organization to continue toward her mission to provide education and support; helping people to help themselves !  Recently she has been featured in VoyageLA Magazine as a innovative business and owner, inspiring growth into the flourishing Los Angeles Community. For Article visit

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