Program Focus & Benefits:

A Mindful way to Mental Health & Well-being; 

promoting Mindful Awareness by empowering individuals with knowledge and experience!

Help balance the Mind, Body & Self (Spirit/Soul/Psyche) using process work and psychoeducation, visuals and images, art, music, movement and more!

Connect with Mental, Physical and Emotional parts of your Self to establish Balance; working to integrate and operate as a more Cohesive Whole. 

This work benefits:

Mindful Self-Awareness

Stress Reduction

Self Empowerment

Personal Growth

….And more!

Learn new ways to learn and grow, utilizing your own resources, 

fueled by the unique power of You!

Look within to find and utilize your own resources

Activate & Operate your Whole Self!

Work to suspend judgement and expectation, 

restore balance, motivate and empower your Self!

Increase Self-esteem, reduce Stress and Increase energy and enthusiasm for life!

Process Work and Experiential learning create an opportunity Intrinsic response, where learning (in the process of doing), creates an experience in itself that achieves personal growth and development.

Become the master of your Universe - You have the ability! I will help you to find and activate your tools and support you in your journey to Self-Actualization!

You will begin as a student and become a teacher ; continuing to teach yourself to learn and grow throughout your life, to reach your goals and aspirations.

Life is what you make it, so let's get started;

“Dwell in possibility”!