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Why Art ?

Art it is a valuable tool for Self Inquiry, serving both Introspection and extrospection (looking inside and outside of one's Self). Utilizing Art as a process of Self-expression, now known as Expressive Healing Arts, helps to get things (from the inside) out. By using a 'hands-on' active participation of the Mind and Body and engaging your Whole Self, you create a Life “experience” which has an effect like a pebble in a pond. The possibilities are endless!

Getting things out not only relieves pressure and stress as a Cathartic release, but it allows us to see and experience things different perspective on what’s going on inside. Processing feelings and experiences using symbols and images, helps to simplify complex issues in order to 'digest' them more easily. Life is a continuous process of learning, and the more experience you have, the more resources you will have to use and build upon.

Additionally, using Expressive Healing Arts to practice Self-care and learning to work without judgement (supporting your Self unconditionally), is highly beneficial to personal growth and development. It is not quality or skill that matters as much as the experience and what you get out of the process itself. Learning to suspend judgement and/or expectation, (e.g. without labeling an experience as 'good' or 'bad') can help to generate Mindful Awareness, that paves the way to achieving Insight and Self- Awareness from the experience, creating an opportunity for growth and development ... working to explore and discover your true Authentic Self. 

 Art as Inquiry  

provides a “hands on” approach to the Art of life …

This program and classes were inspired by my experience as a Childhood Cancer Survivor.  Using Art as a process, was a valuable tool in my healing & recovery process. It was through the use of art, that I learned a new way to communicate with myself and was able to understand a complicated issue in a simplified manner, which helped ease my fears and achieve a positive mindset and attitude of success reaching my goal of survival !

 It has been my life’s mission to share this experience and educate others about the Therapeutic benefits of Art.

In my Coaching, Classes and Workshops  you will learn to use Expressive /Healing Arts,  practice Present-Centered Awareness; suspending judgment and expectation, while Exploring & Discovering your Self through a Mind/Body/Soul connection.

Creating Art is a valuable form of Self-Expression:  don't be afraid to color outside the lines!

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Art is...

“the expression or application of human creativity and Imagination”…​ 

a language in itself. 

Art is for everyone...

Learn to connect your Body & Mind, and tap into your Self !

"Dwell in Possibility"!

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