Expressive Art

CLICK link below to learn more about Art as Inquiry and its mission, in action; created by USC student Cameron Quon

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The Mindful Mind, introduces Art as Inquiry…

… a “hands on” approach to the Art of life …

The program Art as Inquiry by The Mindful Mind, is my own program inspired by my experience with childhood Cancer. Through the use of art I learned a new way to communicate with myself and was able to understand a complicated issue in a simplified manner. This process helped ease my fears and helped me to achieve a positive mindset and attitude.

Using art as a process, was a valuable instrument in my healing & recovery process and proved to be a valuable tool for introspection. It has been my life’s mission to share this experience and educate others about the benefits using art as a process and tool.

In my workshops you will learn to increase Self-Awareness and insight by using Process Art, and participate in an interactive Psychoeducational lecture. You will practice Present-Centered Awareness and exploring your self through a Mind/Body connection; working to remove blocks, judgement and expectation.

Art is a valuable form of Self-Expression,

so color outside the lines!

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Art ~ “the expression or application of human creativity and imagination”…​

Art is a language in itself…. Learn to ​communicate without saying a word.

Art is for everyone, beyond a talent or skill, it is a valuable tool for introspection and self – expression.

Learn to connect your Body & Mind, and tap into your Self !


( I can not be what I am not )


*All Ages, individuals and group workshops available, for couples,families, professional and educational events and parties !

(Content focus and medium is varied as appropriate to age/developmental level ).

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