The Mindful Mind Experience

This program utilizes both Counseling Coaching, utilizing Expressive Arts & Process Work within a series of progressive Experiential and Educational workshops . (can be used for personal, educational and professional groups , and lectures) coming soon as an Webinar series!
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Experiential Process Work:

Focusing on  Personal Growth & Development; Building Confidence and Self-Esteem, Stress-Reduction, Communication, Processing Feelings, Behavioral Issues and more.

Designed to facilitate Self-Empowerment, by using Mind/Body exercises and techniques to ‘process and work’ through challenges, as well as creating solutions to break through blockages, to unlock your inner power and find a ‘practice’ that works best for you. 

You will learn to practice working without judgement, using Present-Centered Awareness & with an Unconditional Positive Regard…working toward a greater connection with your Authentic (True) Self ; creating Mindful Self-Awareness.

Expressive & Healing Arts:

Also a form of Experiential Process Work; Focusingon Self-Exploration and Self-Awareness  to experience genuine Self-Reflection, by using both Introspection (Self observation) and Extrospection (observing what is outside of one’s self). You will use Expressive Healing Arts to Activate the Imagination, engaging communication with the Mind/Body and Conscious/Subconscious to express yourself freely, as you Explore and Discover and Express your unencumbered True Self at its core.

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Who are You?

Introspection and self-awareness. Seek and find your “Self” amidst the memories, and influences of your personal history. Explore values, traditions, rules and how we relate them. Consider their origin; given to you or chosen…do we own them now…can we change them?

Empower your “Self”

Empower your “Self”– The process of Alchemy implies that there is magic in the process of turning lead into gold. Use this concept to apply to the recipe of your life and all you have put into it; essentially the ingredients. Acknowledge and create affirmations and positive self-talk and focus toward achieving your goals.

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Life and Stress Management

Life and Stress Management  Examine your life skills and how you manage life’s stressors that arise. Explore past and current stressors and trauma, their influences and learn how to manage and process them in an objective manner. Create a visual live map per se to help you to simplify and visualize your life, goals, obstacles and objectives.

Relationship/Family Dynamics

Relationship/Family Dynamics  Explore your relationships with your parents, friends, co-workers, significant others and more. Work on processing your feelings associated with these relationships. Explore how you connect or disconnect… and how you communicate and relate intrapersonally.

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