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"Self"- Help starts with the Self !

Its not what you start with , its what you do with it !

~ Learn how to Create the life you want ~


The Mindful Mind and it’s programs have been my life’s work, influenced largely by my own life experience as a Childhood Cancer survivor. I am highly motivated by my recovery and from my unique experience using Art, which proved to be a valuable tool for introspection that  was a strong influence toward my healing and recovery. My curiosity to understand this process and how it influenced my recovery became my life’s work and professional endeavor.

I have constructed my own programs and curriculum developed from my own professional experience and research. I have dedicated myself in this mission and I am deeply inspired to continue to create awareness with my community outreach, coaching, lectures and workshops!

(Online lectures, workshops and Podcasts to come - Inquire within *)

 My Specialty

My Mindful-based “Life Support” Coaching workshops and lectures were all designed around the greater goal of increasing awareness through education, and helping others to help themselves. My Life Support Program is focused on Psychoeducation and Experiential based work that is designed to create opportunities to Experience and Process Life in different ways, to help promote Self-Awareness, generate Acceptance and finally achieve Personal Growth. In this program you will learn to operate from a more Cohesive Self; integrating parts of your Self and operating as a whole, while also creating Balance in your life.

My Expressive Art and Experiential Mind/Body Workshops create an opportunity to Experience and Learn through the process of ‘Doing’ and Empower you to be an active participant in your life! My program offers a special “Hands-On”, Experiential approach to Self-Help. My workshops include the use of symbols/images, visual and transitional objects to stimulate memory, response and reflection. Connecting the Body & Mind with an external object or process, creates a means for “Self”-Expression, Self-Reflection, Process and Growth; generating Mindfulness and a greater sense of "Self”-Awareness. These activities, while also practicing Present-Centered Awareness, helps to create a strong memory connecting the Mind and Body together, Intrinsically creating a potential for growth developing into a foundation for positive change.

Consider the process of Alchemy, wherein you  literally “reap what you sow.” LIFE is an Alchemical mixture that is created by adding ingredients, opportunities and experiences to your life! The goal is not to limit these experiences due to expectations or judgement, but to work with what is present ~ releasing judgement and blockages with awareness and insight.

It is my mission to provide a Mindful perspective to Mental Health & Wellness 

and empower personal growth and development…

“Dwell in Possibility!”

Please contact for more information

office &vm (213) 298-0019 

email [email protected] 

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