The Journey Begins With Just One Step

Life is what you make it …

“ Dwell i​n Possibility” !

Are you Ready to Start your Journey?

I will support you in your journey, to explore and discover your Genuine and True, Authentic Self at its very core; where you can Start to “Help Your Self” to create positive change, grow and develop your Self to achieve your Life Goals and aspirations!

About Me

Joanna Gates M.A.

It is my mission to provide Mindful Mental Health Counseling & Coaching Services . Using a Mindful approach ​to “Self”- Help, I will help you to grow and develop your “Self” and create positive change in your life ! I will support you to Empower and “Activate Your Self” as a Conductor, Conduit and Life Artist, to create the change you seek !

Self-Help starts with the Self!

A Woman in a Red Color Coat With Black jacket

Do you ever ask your Self questions like...

“Who am ?
“What am I doing?”
“Where am I going?”

Are you feeling …

Frustrated ?
Blocked ?
Unmotivated ?

Are you ready to do something about it ?

Work to:
Activate your Self
Develop & Grow
Break through blockages
Create Balance in your life
Achieve your Life Goals

Are you ready to Create Change in your Life?

Stress Reduction
Personal Growth

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The goal of counseling is to provide support, guidance, and tools to help clients lead healthier, happier lives.

Qualities I bring to my work:

Professionalism, Respect, Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard

I provide support with flexibility and malleability; giving you something to work with that will adapt and grow along with you, throughout the transitional process of achieving Personal Growth and Development and achieving your Life Goals. 

The Mindful Mind Experience

Experiental Process Work

Expressive & Healing Arts

Empower your "Self"

Who are you?

Life and Stress Management

Relationship/Family Dynamics