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The Tree of Life ~ J.Gates / The Mindful Mind


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Life is What you make it ! ..."Dwell in Possibility" !


The Mindful Mind provides :

Coaching, Mentoring and Education (classes & workshops)

Using therapeutic tools and techniques

from a Positive Psychology based focus,

combined with 

  Depth & Imaginal Psychology,

utilizing Experiential/Existential Process work and Therapeutic/Healing Arts.

Coaching and Classes can be done independently or as a progressive series: The Mindful Mind Experience - online Webinar and Workshops - COMING SOON!

Life Support 

 Experiential Based Process Work


Personal & Professional Life Goals

 Behavioral & Developmental Goals

Stress Management 

 Mind/Body Balance

And More !


Art as Inquiry

Expressive Healing Arts 

My Best Possible Future Self

FindIng your Center 

Connecting the Dots

Unplug & Recharge


and More !


Motivational/Educational Lectures and Public Speaking:

​ for individuals and groups - personal and professional

(Available for Special Events, Educational and Professional engagements )

Customized Area of Focus

Advanced or Specialized Theme/Topic & areas of focus are available; 

Based on individual or group goals; along with my personal assessment, I personally design a lecture and/or activity that can be applied to topic of focus (*Applicable to personal, professional or educational perspectives and audiences, special events and public speaking engagements eg. Health & Wellness, Corporate/ EAP, Schools Programs, etc.)

(Group rates available*)

Expressive Arts : Include theme-based topic of focus & supplies

YOGArt : is a specialized compilation of Expressive Arts and Yoga/Movement, creating a Mind/Body experience and tuning into your “Self” through Yoga/Movement. Similar to Art as Inquiry, different topics will be discussed and incorporated into the focus of both movement and expressive and creating visual art; encouraging Self-exploration and expression. (* May include breath work, mindful focus/meditation ) *Contact for list of materials and options available 

The Work

Process and Practice with PERSONAL SUPPORT:

I’m your Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Personal Cheerleader !

Supporting you to Activate your Self to Achieve your Life Goals !

Individual and Group Coaching, 

Classes & Mentoring 

Motivational Speaking

Practice and Focus

Person Centered: suspend judgement and create mindful self-awareness

Stress & Life Management: make behavior modifications and create new strategies

Existential and Experiential: take action and make steps

Expressive & Healing Arts: explore, discover and express your Self

Personal Growth & Empowerment: activate your self, develop and grow


Life Support:  (integrated focus w/coaching)

Experiential Process Work

Art As Inquiry: (integrated focus w/coaching) Expressive & Healing Arts

The Mindful Mind Experience

Coaching, Classes & Workshop Series

(webinar coming soon)


Art as Inquiry


Motivational Speaking & Training for:

Education, Teachers, Parents, and Professionals (EAP), and Special Events etc...


Individualized # of sessions 

(based on assessment)

Self-Empowerment: Explore, Discover and Activate your Self!

EG: Create Mindful Self-Awareness, Reduce Stress, Increase Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, take Action and Create Change to Learn, Develop and Grow !

Group sessions:

Public or private group sessions - personal or professional focus, correlated to short or long term goals or extended support.

(*Recommended prior to 

short or long term commitment)


Commitment Packages

Short-term goal: 4x 50 minute sessions 

( throughout 1 month )

EG: Brainstorming and strategizing to find creative solutions and managing life’s problems, find clarity, practice decision making skills, work through blockages and/or solidifying a long-term goal.

Long-term goal: 8x 50 minute sessions 

( throughout 2 months )

EG: Making an important and difficult life decision or commitment; breaking things down into achievable steps, taking action and creating change to meet long-term life goals.

Extended Sessions: regular check-in sessions ( as needed ) - following completion of short or long term sessions

Coaching Sessions

  • We meet weekly, in person, by phone  or Virtually (over Skype or other), receive weekly audio or transcripts, in addition to worksheets, exercises and tools.

  • In between sessions, you can email, text or use voicemail messaging. You will also have access to info from webinars as well as book content.

  • Previous clients will receive a discounted membership and access to online classes and webinar series; The Mindful Mind Experience.