Life is What you make it !...
"Dwell in Possibility" !

The Mindful Mind provides :

Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring and Education, Using therapeutic tools and techniques from a Positive & Self Psychology based focus, combined with Depth & Imaginal Psychology, utilizing Therapeutic Healing Arts and Experiential Process Work in addition to traditional talk methods.

Coaching and Classes can be done independently or as a progressive series: The Mindful Mind Experience – as an online Classes and Workshops – COMING SOON!

Life Support

Experiential Based Process Work

Personal & Professional Life Goals, Behavioral & Developmental Goals, Self – Discovery, Stress Management , Mind/Body Balance,  And More !

Art as Inquiry

Expressive Healing Arts

Self – Expression, FindIng your Center, Connecting the Dots, Unplug & Recharge, YogArt and More !

Motivational/Educational Lectures and Public Speaking: for individuals and groups – personal and professional (Available for Special Events, Educational and Professional engagements ).

Customized Area of Focus

Advanced or Specialized Theme/Topic & areas of focus are available;  Based on individual or group goals; along with my personal assessment, I personally design a lecture and/or activity that can be applied to topic of focus (*Applicable to personal, professional or educational perspectives and audiences, special events and public speaking engagements eg. Health & Wellness, Corporate/ EAP, Schools Programs, etc.)

(Group rates available*)

Expressive Arts : Include theme-based topic of focus & supplies 

YOGArt : is a specialized compilation of Expressive Arts and Yoga/Movement, creating a Mind/Body experience and tuning into your “Self” through Yoga/Movement. Similar to Art as Inquiry, different topics will be discussed and incorporated into the focus of both movement and expressive and creating visual art; encouraging Self-exploration and expression. (* May include breath work, mindful focus/meditation ) *Contact for list of materials and options available 

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The Work

Process and Practice with PERSONAL SUPPORT:

I’m your Counselor, Coach, Teacher and Mentor, supporting you to Activate your Self to Achieve your Life Goals !

  • Individuals & Groups
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Classes & Mentoring
  • Public Speaking & Training
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Practice and Focus

Person Centered: 
Learn to suspend judgement and generate mindful self-awareness.

Stress & Life Management:
Make behavior modifications and create new strategies.

Existential and Experiential:
Take action and make steps toward achieving your goals.

Expressive & Healing Arts:
Explore, discover and express your Self.

Personal Growth & Empowerment:
Activate & empower your Self to develop and grow.

Relationship Dynamics: 
Manage relationships and support networks.

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Counseling & Coaching

Focus on ways to Explore, Discover and Activate your Self.

Generate Self-Awareness, Increase Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence.

Achieve Personal Growth & Development.

Empower your Self to Take Action and Create Positive Change in your Life.

Group sessions: Public or private group sessions with a shared topic of focus, (see above) correlated to short or long term goals.

* I offer a complimentary strategy session and create help a customized a action plan that suits your specific needs. 


Personal Commitment

Sessions can be scheduled by availability and flexible enough to meet your lifestyle; essentially it will be something that works for you.  But some goals may be more clear than others (eg. Finding a new job vs a life transition and adjustment, as well as a behavioral issue vs a developmental challenge). Commitment plans help to provide structure and a time frame to achieve your life goals, but the key is also malleability….It is important to have structure and support but to also remain flexible enough to adapt to change as it arises. 

Short-term goal:  ( eg. weekly over  1-3 months )

Brainstorming and strategizing to find creative solutions and managing life’s problems, find clarity, practice decision making skills, work through blockages and/or solidifying a long-term goal.

Long-term goal:  (eg.  weekly  over 3-6+  months )

Making an important and difficult life decision or commitment; breaking things down into achievable steps, taking action, and creating change to meet long-term life goals.

Extended Sessions: check-in sessions are available in between scheduled meetings, as well as follow-ups are available as well following the conclusion of meeting set goals.

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  • Personalized schedule that includes  meeting in person, by phone  or  virtually.
  • Can utilize Experiential and Process based work and exercises, worksheets and other resources.
  • Can be combined with classes and workshops within ~ The Mindful Mind Experience Program.
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Learn about Mindfulness, Mental Health and Wellness, using Psycho education along with activities and exercises that help you apply what you have learned.

Learn Existential techniques, exploring “Who You Are” in relation to the World and your Life; exploring personal ethics and values as well as relationships, careers etc.

Learn how to use Experiential Process Work through different techniques and methods; creating Action and Movement as a process of Self Exploration.

Learn how to use Expressive Healing Arts to Explore, Discover and Express your Self.

Learn Movement based work including Dance, Yoga, and Meditation to explore ways to Grow and Develop your Self.


The Mindful Mind Experience:

Counseling/Coaching integrated with Classes & Workshop Series, utilizing Experiential Process Work and Expressive & Healing Arts.

Mentoring, Speaking & Training for:

Individuals and Groups for Educational or Professional purposes.