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The Mindful Mind was created as a collaboration of both my personal and professional experience, developed from my education and training in both Mental Health ​and Clinical Psychology, in addition to my work as Teacher and Therapist. I have developed a Mindful Approach to achieving “Self-Help” as a Wholistic variant to what traditionally constitutes “Health and Wellness”; to achieve an overall sense of “well-being” and “being well” in regards to your own unique constitution.

My mission began essentially by “helping people to help themselves,” supporting individuals to find creative solutions to achieving their life goals. My Program & Coaching; Empowers Personal Growth and Development, by using an Experiential, Process-Based work to develop a Personal “Practice,” while working to generate a Mindful Attitude of Open Awareness and Creative Thinking. I will support you to explore your personal goals, plan, implement and adapt this “Practice” to your Life – as a Plan of Action, developed and cultured specifically for you to meet your Life Goals!


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This work will help you to Develop and Create your own personal “Process and Practice”, through simplified steps and exercises, that can be used like going to the gym or yoga, and adding it into your arsenal of Self-Care and Self- Help resources. Though this work is not about the quantity and how much you do, but more about the integrity of what you do “put in” to the process itself. You are essentially investing in your “Self” every step of the way! Like a pebble, dropped in a pond, it Activates Change, resonating Change in all that it touches…and beyond.

The Mindful Mind programs were designed combining Education and Coaching, integrated with Positive Psychology, providing a multifaceted experience to Activate your Self, to Achieve your Life Goals. The Mindful Mind Experience was created as an integrated program that combines Coaching and Education, using Experience as the Catalyst for Change – essentially, because it is Change in itself (It’s a WIN-WIN) ! 

Like that “spoon-ful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.” Honestly, Life is Difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so Hard ! It may sound silly yet, if you could master the Jedi Mind Trick or the Art of “spoon bending” with telekinesis  – Wouldn’t you ? Wouldn’t you want to Learn how to Master your own Special Gifts and harness your own Unique Abilities and Power, and activate your “Self”as the Creative Conductor?

The Life Support program includes Experiential-based learning, that provides “Education through the Power of Experience,” creating opportunities to Experience and Learn through the process of ‘Doing.’ This program challenges you to be an Active participant in your life, by aking “Action’ and ‘Creating Opportunities’ to work through obstacles, and support your “Self” in the process of reaching your goal/s.


The Art as Inquiry program is based on this premise as well, integrating Therapeutic/ Expressive Healing Arts and Process Work that includes the use of Visualization, Symbols/Images, Archetypes and transitional self-objects to stimulate Self-Expression. Using this work you can symbolically explore and discover your Self, throughout your journey, into the Active Imagination. The Active Imagination is a key to unlocking your Authentic Self, and achieving your Life Goals.

Collectively this work helps to generate Self-Awareness and a Mindful attitude towards achieving Personal Growth. This work will help you to Empower and Activate your Self as an agent of Change, increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. These experiences, as resources, can be added into your personal ‘tool box’ essentially, where they can be accessed and used to build a stronger more Cohesive Self , working to Create Change in your Life !

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She is eclectic and filled with such purpose.
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Certain people make the world shine, she is definitely one of them , a divine heart.
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Thank you for doing what you do.

Coaching vs Therapy

I do what I love and love what I do. I began in education and returned to education, using is as both an effective method and tool. After all of the personal and professional experience I have had over the years; Education is at the heart of all I do as a Life Coach, Teacher and Mentor.

Considerably as an expert in my field, I have had extensive training and experience in both Human Development and Human Behavior and have had the opportunity to work with both children and adults of all ages and abilities, and I have worked to meet a large variation of needs and life goals. In my quest to teach and educate others as a helping professional; my goal was to create a program and platform that supports individuals unconditionally, motivating them to empower themselves to grow. Similar to the concept of “seeding,” which suggests that just like a seed, with nurturing and care it will grow…but then conceivably what you reap, depends on what you sow.

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When we are young, we are subjected to the seeds of others, planting their expectations in our garden persay. Each seed is a potential rule, role and value that is a perceivably an important life element needed to assimilate within our process of growth and development. Yet, when do we begin to plant our own seeds and grow to meet our own unique potential, beyond this foundation and create something new from the old?

Like the Ouroboros or Chrysalis phase of the butterfly; the snake eating its tail and the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, they both represent the ultimate “Self”-sacrifice, while simultaneously, this considerable destruction and loss in one form, is transformed and resurrected as a type of rebirth and reformation in another.  In a similar way, I too have been able to learn, grow and transform my “Self” with knowledge and experience that has fulfilled my goal and purpose, ultimately returning me “full circle” to begin again, fully equipped with the tools I need to continue my mission to educate and help others.

There is a complementary relationship between coaching and education, wherein education acts as a catalyst that facilitates a momentum of growth and development. This relationship is not only with the process itself, but with each individual, that moves beyond the confines that traditional analysis or therapy may limit. This relationship is based on trust and support and working together as a team. Whether working as a teacher, coach or mentor there is an exchange taking place; one of “give and take,” wherein there is a fine line between what may stimulate, or stump, your growth.

As an educator, teaching and sharing knowledge while supporting you in your process is essential for successful learning, but  additionally as a coach it is  also important to provide support essentially by letting go as well. I will help you to move you beyond your comfort zone to a place of transition, that creates an outcome of independence versus dependency.

Like learning to ride a bike without training wheels; the idea of losing your support is frightening, but achieving balance on your own is powerful. Symbolically, this experience provides the fuel you need to Empower your “Self“ and Activate your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, furthermore continuing the cycle of achievement, Personal Growth and Development. 

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