Focus & Benefits

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Empowers you with Knowledge and Experience to 

Activate Your “Self” 

to Create the Change you seek !

My Program; Counseling, Coaching and Classes 

will help you to

Explore, Discover and Express your Self

Empower your Self

Take Action & Create Change 

Work to suspend judgement and expectation, 

restore balance, motivate and empower your Self!

Discover new ways to learn and grow, utilizing your own resources,

fueled by the unique power of You!

 Increase Self-esteem, Reduce Stress and Increase Energy 

and Enthusiasm for Life!

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Empathy/ Unconditional Positive Regard, Present Centered Awareness, Mind/Body/Soul Connections, Expressive / Healing Arts, Experience Based Work, Process Based Work

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Mindful Self-Awareness, Self-Empowerment, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth & Development